2016 - 2017 Gateway Review

All students enrolled in World History will take the Gwinnett County Gateway Exam, a document-based writing exam that all GCPS students must pass to graduate from any Gwinnett County high school. If you'd like more information about this assessment, please visit the Gwinnett County Public School's Official Gateway website.

To prepare your student, they have spent the year focusing on document-based writing in both their Language Arts and World History classes. In every World History class, each Lanier student has written at least five, full practice Gateway essays and received timely feedback from their teacher. Daily assignments also focus on building student writing skills and providing them with the essential knowledge that will be used on the assessment. 

Possible Essay Topics: 
  • Dynasties and Empires
  • Imperialism
  • Revolutions
  • World Leaders
  • World Religions
Review Materials

     Please note! These cards are not exhaustive, or comprehensive

     Select YouTube videos covering some of the possible topics for our 2015 Gateway Exam

     Mr. Hughes, a New York based history teacher provides some GREAT tips on how to write a document based essay during a standardized test.